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Vitamin D and Raynaud’s Disease

Sandeep Dhanyamraju MD
Medically reviewed by Sandeep Dhanyamraju
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Sandeep Dhanyamraju MD
Medically reviewed by Sandeep Dhanyamraju

Welcome to the informative world of vitamin D and its potential impact on Raynaud’s disease! In this brief exploration, we’ll uncover the role of the sunshine vitamin in our health. But most importantly, you’ll learn how it can extend its warm glow to those struggling with Raynaud’s disease.

Imagine this: a dance between sunlight and your skin. And as a result, you get vitamin D. It’s a nutrient known for its ability to strengthen bones. But wait, that’s not all!

Raynaud’s disease is a condition that causes your fingers and toes to turn cold and white. And this problem may find a sunny ally in vitamin D. Could this be the dynamic duo we never knew we had? Join us as we bask in the sunshine and uncover the potential link between vitamin D and frosty fingers in Raynaud’s disease!


Raynaud’s Disease and its Symptoms

With Raynaud’s disease, your fingers and toes change color like a cold light show. When it’s hard, they turn white, blue, and red when the heat returns. It’s like temperature-sensitive paint on your limbs!

But it’s not just a colorful show. Raynaud’s disease can cause a tingling sensation and turn everyday activities into a chilly ordeal. It makes even buttoning the buttons on your shirt seem like a freezing feat.

What’s the reason for the chilly drama? It’s a celebration of the blood vessels! When faced with cold or stress, they tense up, playing the “squeeze and release” game. It restricts blood flow. It leads to pain and numbness, turning your fingers and toes into unwitting stars of the cold drama. Raynaud’s disease is not life-threatening with special supplements. But it can be troublesome, reminding you that sometimes even your hands and feet want to show their winter colors!


The Role of Vitamin D in Raynaud’s Disease

Spotlight: Vitamin D and Raynaud’s syndrome with its dietary recommendations. Imagine vitamin D, the sunshine superhero. And we often associate it with strong bones. And it may have a backstage pass into the world of Raynaud’s disease. How? Research suggests that this essential vitamin may play a role in keeping blood vessels relaxed and happy. It potentially eases the frosty grip of Raynaud’s disease. Vitamin D is like saying, “Hey, blood vessels, chill out, literally!”.

In Raynaud’s syndrome, the sun-soaked nutrient can be crucial when your fingers and toes turn into a color-changing spectacle. Think of it as a warmth-inducing ally in the fight against cold-induced vasoconstriction.

Of course, more research is needed to declare vitamin D the undisputed champion. But this intriguing connection adds a sunny twist to Raynaud’s disease story. Stay tuned as science unravels this frosty mystery!

Person pouring pills into hand


Supplements for Raynaud’s – Beyond Vitamin D

Did you know that in addition to a proper Raynaud diet, it is essential to supplement your body with supplements? And in this case, we are talking about vitamin D and other equally crucial supplements. There are enough micronutrients that will help you in controlling the disease.

First of all, doctors recommend paying attention to fatty acids. These are the unsung heroes that help reduce inflammation. They are the ones that soothe frozen fingers and toes. By the way, you can get this vitamin not only from supplements. By consuming good fatty redfish, you will get enough omega-3 to improve your body.

In addition to omega-3, I recommend looking into herbal aids. Some herbs, such as Ginkgo Biloba, greatly benefit the body with this disease. Consuming this herb as a supplement for Raynaud’s is often recommended. It is a kind of secret weapon against vasoconstriction.

Do not forget about coenzyme Q10. It is no less helpful substance that gives you energy. But a unique energy in cells returns your blood vessels to their normal state. Accordingly, the Energizer helps your blood vessels stay in their happy place. It contributes to the fight against Raynaud’s disease.

When exploring these and other complementary remedies, be sure to consult with your physician. The world of Raynaud’s disease may find its match in these unassuming treatment vitamins!


Raynaud’s Disease Treatment: Vitamins and Nutrients

Dive into the world of Raynaud’s syndrome dietary recommendations. But this proper diet is better supplemented with vitamins and nutrients. These essential elements play a crucial role in maintaining overall health and wellness. Each vitamin has its unique benefits. These all contribute to the complex balance that our bodies maintain.

In Raynaud’s syndrome, blood vessels can play tricks on us. They react to cold or stress. And the right combination of vitamins becomes even more critical. They act as guardians, helping to maintain harmonious blood flow in the body. 

As we uncover the importance of specific vitamins in treating Raynaud’s disease, it becomes clear that these micronutrients are not just letters on supplement bottles but unsung heroes working behind the scenes to keep us healthy in the face of cold.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acids are like little superheroes for your body. These special fats can help relieve inflammation. They are a soothing balm for frozen fingers and toes. Think of them as peacemakers, bringing a sense of calm to your blood vessels. Because of their mild effects, Omega-3s can be the key to relieving stress. Add fats to your Raynaud diet. It’s like giving your blood flow a peaceful, fishy boost.


Meet Magnesium, a quiet but powerful ally in the fight against Raynaud’s disease. This essential mineral plays a crucial role in relaxing blood vessels. It acts as a natural sedative. Think of it as a calming force. It helps keep blood vessels at rest, potentially reducing the discomfort of Raynaud’s disease. So, magnesium may be that unsung hero when it comes to freezing temperatures. Your body needs it for extra warmth.

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10)

Coenzyme Q10, or CoQ10, is a nutrient that supports cell energy production. Think of it as your body’s battery charger. It provides vitamin D for uninterrupted functioning during Raynaud’s disease. In the world of Raynaud’s disease, blood vessels can narrow. That’s when CoQ10 can be your secret weapon to help maintain a happy balance.


Meet L-arginine, a key player in the fight against Raynaud’s disease. This amino acid is like a messenger. It signals your blood vessels to relax. Think of it as a gentle conductor orchestrating a soothing symphony in your body. In Raynaud’s disease, L-arginine promotes harmonious blood flow. It potentially reduces discomfort. 

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba is an herbal hero on the battlefield of Raynaud’s disease. You may know him for his ability to improve blood circulation. Raynaud’s disease treatment vitamins are like a light breeze for your blood vessels. This herbal ally can be a secret weapon in the fight against the spasms that Raynaud’s disease brings. Imagine nature helping your blood flow smoothly. It’s like a cool breeze on a warm day.


Say hello to garlic, the unsung hero in the Raynaud diet arena. This kitchen superstar does more than just provide flavor. Garlic can lend a helping hand to your blood vessels. Imagine garlic as a friendly neighbor, encouraging them to stay relaxed and open. This simple bulb can be your ally in the cold challenges of Raynaud’s disease. It keeps blood flowing more smoothly and adds warmth to your vascular neighborhood. Garlic is a flavorful friend with potential benefits for cold fingers and toes.


Meet iron – your body’s quiet worker bee. Iron plays an important role in Raynaud’s disease puzzle. Think of it as the “traffic cop” for your red blood cells. Iron directs them to efficiently transport oxygen. Iron allows unimpeded blood flow in Raynaud’s disease, potentially alleviating discomfort. It’s like boosting your circulatory system by providing your extremities with good nutrition and comfort. Iron is a small but mighty helper among supplements for Raynaud’s.

Hand holding a capsule with vitamin D


Raynaud’s Diet: What to Eat and Avoid

Regarding Raynaud’s syndrome dietary recommendations, diets will be extremely effective. Imagine hearty soups and herbal teas. They create an inner blanket against the cold. Add bright colors with antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables. They keep your finicky blood vessels happy.

On the other hand, say no to caffeine and icy treats. They are the culprits that can trigger vascular spasms.

Imagine that your plate is a canvas on which a picture of comfort and balance is painted. A palette of comfort foods can help you manage Raynaud’s disease. It’s a flavor journey to help keep cold and heat within reach.



As we wrap up our journey, it’s worth saying that if you or someone you know is struggling with Raynaud’s disease, contact our Lone Star Neurology clinic. We are beacons of support for neurological issues. Through our successful team, we strive to simplify complex issues. That’s why we have created a welcoming space for understanding and care. The clinic’s commitment to affordable neurological services makes us a vital resource in Raynaud’s disease. 



Can Vitamin D supplements cure Raynaud’s Disease?

No, vitamin D supplements cannot cure Raynaud’s disease. But they can help manage symptoms and improve overall health.

What are the best sources of Vitamin D for someone with Raynaud’s?

The best sources of vitamin D for someone with Raynaud’s are fortified dairy products, egg yolks, and sunlight.

How quickly can dietary changes impact Raynaud’s symptoms?

The effect of dietary changes on Raynaud’s disease varies. Improvement can take from a few weeks to several months. The key is consistency.

Can lifestyle changes alone manage Raynaud’s Syndrome effectively?

Lifestyle changes alone can effectively manage Raynaud’s disease. Quitting smoking, managing stress, and staying warm can help improve circulation.

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Edward Medina
Edward Medina
15:34 30 Jun 22
Just such an amazing staff that makes you feel like part of their family. I’ve been going there for over 5 years now... and each visit I get the very best care and treatments that I have ever received in the 20+ years that I’ve been dealing with severe debilitating migraines. Since i started seeing them the number of my migraines has dropped from 15-20 a month to 2-3 every 3 month. I highly recommend them …they will change your life!read more
Daneisha Johnson
Daneisha Johnson
22:20 19 May 22
Dr. Askari was very kind and explained everything so I could understand. The other staff were nice as well. I would... have gave 5 stars but I was a little taken aback when I checked in and had to pay 600.00 upfront. I think that should have been discussed in a appointment confirmation call or email just so I could have been more
Jean Cooper
Jean Cooper
16:54 29 Apr 22
I love the office staff they are friendly and very helpful. Dr. JODIE is very caring and understanding to your needs... and wants to help you. I will go back. would recommend Dr. Dr. Jodie to other Patients in a heart beat. The team works well more
Linda M
Linda M
19:40 02 Apr 22
I was obviously stressed, needing to see a neurologist. The staff was so patient and Dr. Ansari was so kind. At one... point he told me to relax, we have time, when I was relaying my history of my condition. That helped ease my stress. I have seen 3 other neurologists and he was the only one who performed any assessment tests on my cognitive and physical skills. At one point I couldn't complete two assessments and got upset and cried. I was told, it's OK. That's why you're here. I was truly impressed, and super pleased with the whole experience!read more
Leslie Durham
Leslie Durham
15:05 01 Apr 22
I've been coming here for about 5 years. The staff are ALWAYS friendly and knowledgeable. The Doctors are the absolute... best!! Jodie Moore is always in such a great mood which is a plus when you are already stressed. Highly recommendedread more
Monica Del Bosque
Monica Del Bosque
14:13 25 Mar 22
Since my first post my thoughts have changed here. It's unfortunate. My doctor and PA were great, but the office staff... is horrible. They never call you back when they say they will, they misinform you, they cause you too much stress wondering what's going on, they don't keep you posted. They never answer the phone. At this point I've left four messages in the last week, and I have sent three messages. Twice from their portal and one direct email. No response. My appointment is on Monday morning at 8:30am, no confirmation on my insurance and what's going on. What the heck is going on, this is ridiculous!I've given up... the stress her office staff has put me through is just not worth it. You can do so much better, please clean house, either change out your office staff, or find a way for them to be more efficient please. You have to do something. This is not how you want to run your practice. It leaves a very bad impression on your more
Ron Buckholz
Ron Buckholz
23:32 23 Mar 22
I was actually pleasantly surprised with this visit! It took me a long time to get the appointment scheduled because no... one answers your phones EVER! After a month, I finally got in, and your staff was warm, friendly, and I was totally impressed! I feel like you will take care of my needs!read more
Steve Nabavi
Steve Nabavi
16:28 16 Mar 22
It was a nice visit. Happy staff doing all they can do to comfort the patients in a very calming environment. You ask... me they are earned a big gold star on the fridge. My only complaint they didn't give me any more
Katie Lewis
Katie Lewis
16:10 10 Feb 22
Had very positive appointments with Jodie and Dr. Sheth for my migraine care. Jodie was so fast with the injections and... has so much valuable info. I started to feel light headed during checkout and the staff was SO helpful—giving me a chair, water, and taking me into a private room until I felt better. Highly recommend this practice for migraine patients, they know what they’re doing!!read more
Joshua Martinez
Joshua Martinez
16:02 10 Dec 21
I was scheduled to be checked and just want to say that the staff was fantastic. They were kind and helpful. I was... asked many questions related to what was going on and not once did I feel as though I was being brushed off. The front desk staff was especially great in assisting me. I'm scheduled to go back for a mri and am glad that I'll be going more
Isabel Ivy
Isabel Ivy
21:42 03 Nov 21
I had such a good experience with Lone Star Neurology, Brent my MRI Tech was so awesome and made sure I was very... comfortable during the appointment. He gave me ear plugs, a pillow, leg support and blanket, easiest MRI ever lol 🤣 My 72 hour EEG nurse Amanda was also so awesome. She made sure I was take care of over the 3 days and took her time with the electrodes to make sure it was comfortable for me! Paige was also a huge help in answering all my questions when it came to my test results, and letting me know her honest opinions about how I should go forth with my more
Leslie Luce
Leslie Luce
17:37 20 Oct 21
The professionalism and want to help attitude of this office was present from the moment I contacted them. The follow... up and follow through as well as their willingness to find a way to schedule my dad was above and beyond. We visited two offices in the same day with the same experience. I am appreciative of this—we spend a lot of time with doctors and this was top notch start to more
robert Parker
robert Parker
16:38 16 Apr 21
I love going to this office. The staff is friendly and helpful. The doctor is great. I am getting the best... neurological tests and treatment I have ever had. The only reason I did not give them a 5 star rating is because it is impossible to reach a live person at the office to reschedule appointments. Every time I have tried to get through to the office it says all people are busy and I am sent to a voicemail. If they could get their phone answering fixed, I would give them a strong 5 more
MaryAnn Hornbaker
MaryAnn Hornbaker
00:26 25 Feb 21
Dr. Harney is an excellent Dr. I found him friendly , personable and thorough. I evidently am an unusual case. ... Therefore he spent a Hugh amount of time educating me. He even gave me literature to further explain my condition and how to follow up. This is something you rarely get from your doctors. So I am more than please with my doctor and his more
Roger Arguello
Roger Arguello
03:05 29 Jan 21
Always courteous, professional. The staff is very friendly and always work with you to find the best appointment time.... The care team has been great. Always taking the time to listen to your concerns and to find the best more
Margaret Rowland
Margaret Rowland
01:12 27 Jan 21
I have been a patient at Lone Star Neurology for several years. Now both my adult daughters also are patients there. I... love Jodie. She is always so prompt whether it is a teleamed call are a visit in the office. She takes the time to explain everything to me and answers all my questions. I am so blessed to have Jodie as my more
Susan Miller
Susan Miller
03:01 13 Jan 21
My husband had an accident 5 years ago and Lone Star Neurology has been such a blessing to us with my husbands care.... Jodie Moore is his provider and she is amazing! Jodie is very knowledgeable, caring, and thorough. She takes her time with you, making sure your needs are met and she is happy to answer any questions you may have. Lone Star Neurology’s patients are very lucky to have Jodie providing their care. Thank you Lone Star Neurology and especially Jodie for everything you have done for us. Jodie, you are the best!read more
Windalyn C
Windalyn C
01:32 09 Jan 21
Jodie is wonderful. She is very caring and knowledgeable. I have been to over a dozen neurologists, and none were able... to help me as much as they have here. Thanks!read more
Katie Kordel
Katie Kordel
00:40 09 Jan 21
Jodi Moore, nurse practitioner, is amazing. I have suffered from frequent, debilitating headaches for almost 20 years.... She has provided the best proactive and responsive care I have ever received. My quality of life has been greatly improved by her caring approach and tenacity in finding more
Ellie Natsis
Ellie Natsis
15:41 07 Jan 21
I have had the best experience at this neurologist's office! For over a year I have been receiving iv treatments here... each month and my nurse, Bobbie is beyond wonderful!! She's so attentive, knowledgeable, caring, and detail oriented. She makes an otherwise uncomfortable experience much more pleasant and definitely puts me at ease! She also helps me with my insurance,ordering this specialty medication and dealing with the ordering process which is no easy feat.Needless to say, she goes above a beyond in every way and I'm so grateful to this office and to Bobbie for all they do for me!read more
Matt Morris
Matt Morris
15:39 07 Jan 21
Let me start by saying that I have been coming here for years. Due to my autoimmune disease, I am in this office... once every three weeks for multiple hours at a time. The office is very clean and the staff very friendly. My only complaint would be there communication via phone. They aren't the best at responding if you leave a voicemail and expect a call back. I understand that this is prob just due to the sheer number of alls they receive daily. What I can say I like the best about the office are the people. Bobby who handles my infusions is great. I never have any issues with her setting up my infusions. She is very quick to reply to messages sent via text and if she were to leave then my whole opinion of the office may change. I also enjoy people like Matt, Lauren, and Jodi. I appreciate all that they do for me and without this team I'm not sure I would be as happy as I am to visit the office as frequently as I have to. Please ensure that these folks are recognized as they are what makes my visit to this office so tolerable :).read more
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